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The Holistic 

It's important to remember that we
all have magic inside of us.

Magic Coach

– J.K. Rowling

Holistic Life Coaching, Brainspotting Therapy & Support Services for people ready to Find and Create their Own Magic.

Cecilia Mills


Meeting you here, tells me that you are looking for answers, purpose, reasons and meaning. Meeting you here, tells me that you are in it, in the struggle, pain and perhaps the dark.

Inside of you, are the voices that say you are not enough, that you won’t make it, that you don’t have the strength to move beyond this and find your purpose.

You feel sadness, fear, doubt and sometimes you feel emptiness, numbness, and a deep void. You’re disconnected from everything that brings you JOY, the people you LOVE, but most of all you are disconnected from your SELF.

You are not alone in this journey. You are here for a reason. Let’s Make Magic!

~ Coach Cece 

The Holistic Magic Coach 

Founder of The Magic Method™

About Cecilia Mills (Coach Cece)

My life has been shaped by pivotal moments of childhood poverty, dysfunctional family dynamics and domestic violence. After my own deep transformation, I began owning my gift for inspiring others and made a conscious choice to use my life as my greatest teaching; leading and empowering others to embark on the journey of becoming themselves. This rebirth led me to powerful teachers, loved ones, and trusted guides. It is in these dark moments that the MAGIC happens!

The Holistic Magic Coach

Heal Wounds And Find Your Own Magic Again.

Holistic psychotherapy and support for people ready to find, follow, or change their magical path.


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