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MEET Coach Cece


Hello, I’m Cece and I’m thrilled to meet you here.

My life has been shaped by pivotal moments of childhood poverty, dysfunctional family dynamics and domestic violence. After my own deep transformation, I began owning my gift for inspiring others and made a conscious choice to use my life as my greatest teaching; leading and empowering others to embark on the journey of becoming themselves. This rebirth led me to powerful teachers, loved ones, and trusted guides. It is in these dark moments that the MAGIC happens!

We are interconnected beings, designed for connection. Strong, fulfilling relationships help us maintain emotional well-being. It is no wonder that when we have these moments of clarity, we are not alone. In the harmonious company of a fellow soul, we can expand, take a step forward, grow and become the next best version of ourselves. It is for this reason that I love and feel fulfilled connecting with people one on one. 

My Philosophy

I believe that pain and suffering arise when we lose the connection to who we truly are. This is frequently a response to a trauma we have endured, either as a child or an adult. This is a normal response to something we didn’t have the measurements to understand or handle on our own at the time.


We became disconnected from ourselves, and we took the painful part of us and locked it away in a safe. We did what we had to do to survive and for our own protection, but eventually, the pain will request more and more of us. When we disconnect from ourselves, we can’t just disconnect the pain, we also lose our connection to happiness and joy. We have repressed our own authenticity and uniqueness (our own magic). Sooner or later, we must take the time to heal, not hide or avoid the pain, so that we may end the suffering, return to our whole, complete and show up in the world as our fully magical self.


I believe that we are energetic beings and that everything is composed of and influenced by energy. Likewise, I also believe that we are all connected to everyone and everything. We are much more than just a body. We have a mind and a body, but we also have emotions that are made of energy, and we have a soul. All these aspects of ourselves need to be balanced for us to be functioning as our best selves.

I believe we are spiritual beings with the natural gift to heal ourselves (and others). I am not here to heal you, but instead to lead the way and show you how to heal yourself. 

It is my privilege to be your guide as you discover what a powerful and magical being you are!

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